MEGA Construx - Halo Micro Action Figure Set - BREACHER EXOSUIT

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The MEGA Construx – Halo Micro Action Figure Set – BREACHER EXOSUIT is In-Stock & Ready to Ship!

Manufacturer: Mega Brands

Franchise: Halo / Halo 5

Product Description:

  • Buildable Breacher Exosuit that fits a micro action figure inside
  • 1 highly-collectible, super-poseable Banished Brute micro action figure with detachable armor accessories
  • Buildable weapon options for multiple custom battle-ready configurations
  • Ideal for ages 8 and up, this building set features detailed authenticity to strengthen creative thinking skills
  • Bricks combine with all Mega Construx building sets and are compatible with major brands

SKU: MGAB35236

UPC: 887961835236


Halo BANISHED  Lore / Franchise Information:

I’ve gathered this crew and they’re loyal, because I am loyal… and because we share a vision. One where the blood we spill and the treasures we plunder are in the name of our own free will and nothing more.
— Atriox to his would-be assassins.

The Banished are a mercenary organization and splinter faction that rebelled against the Covenant Empire and rose to power after the conclusion of the Human-Covenant War. The organization is led by the Jiralhanae warlord Atriox.

During the Human-Covenant war, Atriox was sent to fight in 40-man teams. In each battle, Atriox was the only survivor. Tired of seeing his compatriots die, Atriox rebelled against the Covenant, thus The Banished was created.Now, its own organization separate from the Covenant, The Banished began fighting against the Covenant before the Great Schism.