FUNKO POP! ANIMATION: Monster Hunter-Ratha


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Franchise: Monster Hunter

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The hotly anticipated Monster Hunter are here from Funko! This Ratha pop measures approximately 1 1/2-inches tall and comes packaged in a window display box.

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Ratha Lore /Information:

Ratha (Japanese レウス ) is the Player Character’s (Lute’s) first Monstie in the game and anime.

Ratha is notably way less aggressive than a normal Rathalos as he immediately becomes fond of the Player Character right after hatching. He also displays very deep loyalty as not only did he risked his life to defend his Rider from a Blighted Nargacuga, but also sought to reunite with the Player Character after being separated for so long.

In the game, the Player Character finds Ratha’s egg on top of a tree in a nest with other eggs. When the Player character, Cheval, and Lilia performs a pseudo Rite of Kinship, he hatches shortly after and becomes fond of the Player Character. Unfortunately, when the group returns to Hakum Village with Ratha, the village is attacked by a Nargacuga infected by the Black Blight. Ratha defends his new friends from the attack but ends up injured by attaining a scar over his eye and knocked over a cliff where he was never heard from until a year later.


In the anime, Lute finds Ratha’s Egg near an Old Statue. Like in the game, Lute performs a improvised Rites of Kinship with Lilia and Cheval to hatch Ratha who soon became close with Lute that he defended his new comrades from a Arzuros. Unlike the game, Ratha was able to grow up and spend more time with Lute, and the two separated in their final battle against the Blighted Nargacuga near the Kinship Ore.