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Franchise: Dragon Ball Z Anime / Manga

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Designed to detect electromagnetic pulses, Dragon Radar is the perfect tool for finding and collecting all 7 Dragon Balls! Made with fans in mind, this replica Radar Keychain features flashing lights and pulsing sounds to alert you when Dragon Balls are near. Push the button at the top of the keychain to activate the mock-radar features. This replica keychain has a brushed metal finish and can be attached to keys, belt loops, and backpacks via the secure metal keyring.

SKU – ABSS23226

UPC: 819065023226

Dragon Ball Radar Lore /Information:

The portable Dragon Radar was designed, and built by Bulma to help locate Dragon Balls. Although the Dragon Team’s Dragon Radar was developed by Bulma, Bulma is not the only one who developed the concept of a Dragon Radar, as Emperor Pilaf, as well as the Red Ribbon Army, possess Global Dragon Radars that are implied to have been invented before Goku and Bulma met each other. Dragon Balls emit a faint electromagnetic pulse, which Dragon Radars can detect. The Dragon Radar developed by Bulma points arrows in the directions of nearby Dragon Balls. Pressing the button on the top can cause the view to zoom out and show a more detailed map of the area.

Under certain circumstances the Dragon Radar can’t detect Dragon Balls, as shown in Dragon Ball when Pilaf puts a Dragon Ball he found on a Dragon Radar-proof box, and in Dragon Ball Super when Emperor Pilaf’s radar can’t locate the Dragon Balls because they’re hidden inside a certain type of metal which interferes with the electromagnetic pulse.