Banpresto: The idolm@ster - Cinderella Girls EXQ Figure - Chieri Ogata

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  • Brand: Banpresto
  • Theme: The Idolmaster
  • UPC: 819996100027
  • Weight: .77 lb
  • Release Date: 7/10/2018
  • Model Number: 10002

Idolmaster Chieri Ogata Lore Information:

“I’m… Ogata… Ogata Chieri. Um… uh… ah… I-I’ll do my… best… If you were to not leave me… behind… I’d be… very… happy.”  – Chieri Ogata

Chieri is the type to feel lonely easily since her parents are always busy. She has an attachment to four-leaf clovers since they hold happy family memories, and there was a time where she likened herself to a clover withstanding winter. She holds a gentle heart in hopes of making everyone happy.

Shy with a gentle heart, Chieri is an easily stressed but hardworking young girl. Starting off feeling unfit to be an idol, Chieri suffers from a case of social anxiety not wanting to draw attention to herself. She wanted to change this by becoming an idol and changing her weak-willed self. Mustering up all the courage she could, she auditioned to be an idol. She collects four-leaf clovers for luck as a result of a childhood memory. Possessing a warm heart, she always wishes for other people’s happiness. Because of her clover collecting hobby, Chieri has come to be strongly associated with four-leaf clovers and they make a large appearance in many of her official cards and are encorporated into many of her stage and casual outfits. Due to her meek, sweet personality and cards portraying her with angel wings she has gained the nickname “Archangel Chieriel” (大天使チエリエル) among fans.