Banpresto: Idolmaster Cinderella Girls - Exq Figure - Kako Takafuji

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Brand: Banpresto
Theme: Idolmaster
UPC: 819996100348
Weight: 1 lb
Release Date: 8/4/2018
Model Number: 10034

Idolmaster Kako Takafuji Franchise Information:

Kako is almost the personification of the traditional Japanese New Year. She loves datemaki (sweetened egg roll) and kurikinton (chestnuts and sweet potato), both traditional New Year’s dishes. She is extremely talented at many things that she tries and has incredible luck. Her one weakness is that she is very bad at telling jokes.

As an idol, Kako makes plenty of friends, such as the clumsy Karin Domyoji and Hotaru Shiragiku, fellow luckbringer Yoshino Yorita, to fellow 20 year-olds Miyo Harada and Yuki Himekawa.

In the tie-in Cinderella Girls Theater skits, Kako is introduced as being very knowledgeable about the customs of the New Year. She is seen as extremely lucky, earning Shinobu Kudo a lottery prize, and other idols seem to enjoy her company for their benefit. She commonly mentions the Japanese folktale of the eggplant, the falcon, and Mount Fuji. She appears to have trouble behaving in an idol-like manner, and but her versatility and seriousness encourage her fellow idols to do their best.

While she was introduced at the end of 2011, she did not get a card set released in a month other than December or January until Summer 2016.

Her name contains the kanji for Mount Fuji (富士), hawk (鷹), and eggplant (茄子, usually read as “nasu”). In Japan, the first dream of the New Year is considered prophetic of the dreamer’s luck for the rest of the year. The most lucky symbols are said to be Mount Fuji, a hawk, or an eggplant.